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Your own modern Gallery Wall – make your home an art exhibition

The Louvre. Van Gogh Museum. Musée D'Orsay. The Museum of Modern Art. Your living room? It can also stand in this list of world-renowned galleries - all you need is the right design idea and a little creativity. This article will explore the various ways to design wall art galleries throughout a home and the special touches that can take your own gallery wall to the next level.

Gallery Wall Layout Ideas and Locations

Gallery walls can be either simple or intricate. For some people, putting one up is simply a matter of hammering nails into random spots and hanging pictures. But if you want your display to truly stand out, it is worth planning the design ahead of time. This is especially true when it comes to installing photo galleries in different rooms throughout the house; while every wall is a candidate for a beautiful picture, some spaces require unique considerations to do it full justice. This section will explore various areas where you might choose to hang your art own gallery wall and provide tips on how to make it look its best.

Your Living Room Gallery Wall

The living room is a space for family gatherings, entertainment, and bonding. So what better place to hang your most treasured photos? This room is one of the most popular choices for a gallery wall. Since the living room often serves as the central gathering space, you will want to be sure to pick pieces that will reflect your personal style, while also keeping everything manageable. Measure the space you have available and consider what kind of arrangement would look best with the furniture that is already there. If you have a large wall, you might be able to hang several frames in an array or grid pattern. For smaller gallery walls, you may want to stick with a single accent piece. These same rules apply in peripheral family rooms, so be sure to keep them in mind if you are planning a dining room gallery wall or one for a den.

Your Bedroom Gallery Wall

The bedroom – a refuge of sleep and privacy. For many people, this room is the most personal in the whole home, making it an ideal place for fine art and photos. If you want to create a gallery wall in the bedroom, keep in mind that this room should be a place of calm. Relaxing, resting and coming down are essential. Therefore, the pictures on the gallery wall should also have a decent and calming effect. Soft colours are ideal, and abstract patterns or photographs from nature are lovely in the bedroom. A leaf with morning dew, a deer in a misty forest or a sunset can be harmoniously combined. The accents in the bedroom can be varied but should not cause a disturbance.

Occasionally, it is smaller selections of visuals that make the most significant impact. Consider what frame sizes will fit on your gallery walls and avoid overcrowding. If wall space is a challenge, try vertical alignment over horizontal; it is often easier to create an arrangement of vertical frames than attempting to fill a large expanse of wall.

Hallway Gallery Wall

Hallways are almost always home to a photo or two, to begin with. Why not kick it up a notch? After all, it is a large blank canvas just waiting to be filled. A hallway is great for a gallery wall because it typically has plenty of wall space, allowing you to get creative with your arrangement. Here, you may consider adding elements like mirrors or other wall decorations to make it a masterpiece. Think about what photos or art pieces you want to highlight and stick with a clean, simple design. If the hallway is long enough, split your displays up into smaller groups rather than one large one. Remember to consider lighting; if your hallway is naturally dark, you may need to utilize additional wall lamps or sconces to bring your art to life.

Staircase Gallery Wall

Similarly to hallways, staircases are also blank canvases with plenty of space to work with. The added challenge, however, is the fact that everything is slanted. A traditional side-by-side arrangement may not work here. Instead, you must figure out how to stack and spread your photos cohesively. Consider the orientation of your staircase and how it will affect the arrangement. For example, if you have a whole staircase, you might consider using one side of the railing to hang frames in a vertical line. Or, if you have a staircase that leads up to a landing, you could use the square space to create a small gallery wall. Have fun and get creative; the possibilities are endless!

Gallery Wall With TV Setup

Up for a design challenge? Try blending the moving visuals of your flat screen with the still and timeless ones of your personal photo collection. This accent wall idea can be a tough one to pull off, but when done right, it is nothing short of gorgeous. Start by considering the size of your TV, as this will determine the size and scale of both the frames used and the placement on the wall. For smaller TVs, you can use larger structures and spread them out across the wall for a visually balanced look. For bigger TVs, you will want to choose smaller frames and arrange them around the edges of the TV frame. In general, keep the focus on your photos rather than the TV. Avoid placing frames directly on top of or underneath it, and be sure to leave some breathing room between the two displays. This will ensure that your art gallery wall will remain the main focus of the room and not be overshadowed by a large flat screen.

What to Include In Your Gallery Wall

You may be reading all of this and thinking: "Beautiful. Now, how do I do it with my own photos?" It is easier than you think - we will list some recommended visuals below.

Family and Personal Photos

These are the first and most obvious things you will want to include in any home gallery wall. They give the space a personal touch, show that someone lives here, and ultimately create a sense of warmth. Whether it is your family portrait or baby pictures, these are the most important pieces on your gallery wall. Try to mix a variety of shots, such as group photos, individual images, close-ups, and even creative pictures of your family.


When you're ready to add colour and creative flair to your gallery wall, artwork is the way to go. Going with this gallery wall idea does not necessarily mean purchasing expensive pieces from a famous artist; it just has to fit with the rest of your images and add something special. You can find some great prints on our Studio Selection Wall Art site.

Miscellaneous Pieces

Your gallery wall does not have to be only photos and artwork. You can also add some other pieces to give it a unique touch. If you want something special, consider adding souvenirs, postcards, or even kid's artwork. These small details can make a big difference in the overall look of your home gallery wall.

Sample Gallery Wall Ideas

Ready to start designing your own gallery wall? We've put together this compilation of examples and gallery wall ideas to help guide you along the journey:

The Boho Gallery Wall

Boho is short for Bohemian and refers to a free-spirited sense of being. It is a term commonly used to characterize designs of the same style, specifically those that incorporate unique mixes of colours, elements, and textures. This aesthetic is perfect for making a statement with your gallery. Aim to blend different cultures and artistic expressions through various frame sizes and material types. Vintage or thrift frames, wall hangings, and other decorative elements like baskets or macramé pieces make for a beautiful composition. Do not forget to add plenty of plants; they will add a natural touch that ties the whole look together.

The Boho Gallery Wall

Monochromatic Gallery Wall

For a timeless and minimalist look, opt for a monochromatic gallery wall. Choose frames in the same colour and arrange them in a neat grid-like pattern. A black-and-white gallery wall is always a great option, but you can also pick out any hue of your liking. This is a great way to showcase any type of artwork, from photos to abstract art prints. Sticking to one type of frame material and texture, such as wood or metal, is best to make everything look uniform. And if you want to create an extra bit of depth for a more modern gallery wall, try hanging some of your frames at different heights.

Monochromatic Gallery Wall

Vintage Gallery Wall

Are you into vintage photos and prints? Incorporate some of your family's heirlooms into a gallery wall. You can hang your favourite photographs and old postcards passed down through generations. One crucial consideration to consider here, though, is preservation. Photos are meant to be displayed for enjoyment, but hanging them in poor-quality frames can cause damage over time. Be sure to invest in high-quality frames that will make your gallery look great and keep your memories safe. You can also have copies of the original photos printed or even sized up by a professional printer like Optimalprint.

Vintage Gallery Wall

How to Create a Gallery Wall That Looks Amazing

There are some things that can make a gallery wall stand out from the average photo arrangement. Follow these best practices to set yours apart:

Thoughtful Design

This was mentioned earlier, but it is worth reiterating - take time to plan your wall layout! Consider the elements that will go into creating a cohesive look - balance, spacing, and flow. You might even draw out your design or use an online tool to visualize the arrangement before you start nailing or hanging anything.

Variety in Sizes and Types of Artwork

Mixing up the sizes and types of artwork can add depth and interest to your display. Feel free to mix different frame types, shapes, or materials. Consider incorporating some art prints or posters to create contrast if you have traditional photos.

Photo Quality

No matter where you hang your gallery wall or what you decide to fill it with, the key to making it great is emphasizing quality above all else. Do not just settle for printer paper photos - give your pictures the richness they deserve with professional canvases and frames. Optimalprint has something for everyone, from high-quality, photo prints to wood-printed art and posters.

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